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The all new Specialized Tarmac SL 8

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The all new Specialized Tarmac SL 8

Aero In Everything - 16.6 seconds faster over 40km vs the SL7, the new Tarmac SL8 is the most aero road bike Specialized have ever made.

Maximum Speed. Minimum Weight.   

At 685 grams, the SL8 is the lightest frame on the World Tour, thanks to focusing on aero where it really makes a difference, not just where it looks good, and by applying lessons learned from Aethos to let the frame shape carry load, not excess material. 


Unprecedented Ride Quality and Handling

Tarmac’s next-level acceleration and telepathic handling come from reaching a stunning stiffness-to-weight ratio improvement of 33% over the SL7. With a 6% increase in compliance, it comes with a smooth ride unique in the high-strung world of race bikes. 



The bottom line is aerodynamics or lightweight alone don’t win races - speed is what matters. Delivering that speed required creating this uncompromising combination of aerodynamics, lightweight, stiffness, and compliance. Through race simulations using real world data, our Ride Science team knows the Tarmac SL8 is the fastest race bike ever made on the routes that matter - 128 seconds faster over Milan San Remo and 20 seconds faster over the Tourmalet than SL7. 


There is so much more to learn about the new Tarmac SL8, the fastest road bike in the world.


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